Hydration and Sweat Testing

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Hydration and Sweat Testing

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Are you a heavy sweater? Are you a salty sweater?

Are you looking to compete in a long distance event this year where optimal hydration is key to performance?

Then this session is for you!

Sweat and hydration testing assessed by an Accredited Sports Dietitian. 

What do you get? 
Your sweat rate, sweat electrolyte concentration, hydration and fluid intake rates will be recorded and analysed by an Accredited Sports Dietitian. You'll get a detailed report outlining all of your data and recommendations to help guide a specific race hydration plan for your event. 

OPTION 1: Hydration testing only $100 + GST

Hydration testing gives you a clear indication of your sweat rate per hour. It takes into consideration how much sweat you lose and how much fluid you drink during a race simulated training session. This data helps guide fluid intake plans for training and racing.

OPTION 2: The real deal - sweat and hydration testing $200 + GST

This option includes hydration testing above PLUS sweat patch testing which will collect your individual sweat electrolyte concentrations.

To book in, please complete the form & email us at info@dietitianapproved.com.au to confirm your place. Spaces are limited as there's only so many sweaty patches (and body's) we can analyse each session.