Olympic Distance Race Nutrition

Everything you need to know to develop your very own Race Nutrition Plan!

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Expert Advice

We are Accredited Practising Dietitian's and Accredited Sports Dietitian's, specialising in sports nutrition. 

Breaking down the latest science in sports nutrition to help you with practical, easy to understand and implement advice 

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No Stress

Nutrition can be complicated! But that doesn’t mean you need to struggle trying to figure it out yourself.

We take a no-BS approach to teaching you exactly what to eat and when to get the most out of your race.

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Smash your PB!

Whether you want to dominate the podium or simply beat your PB, we'll help you maximise your race nutrition so you can achieve whatever you set your mind to!

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What we cover:

  • Olympic Distance Racing
  • Race Week Nutrition
  • The Day Before
  • Carbohydrate Loading
  • Pre-Race Dinner
  • Hydration
  • Pre-Race Meal
  • Bike Nutrition
  • Run Nutrition
  • Recovery Nutrition
  • Special BONUSES



Taryn Richardson, Advanced Sports Dietitian and Triathlon Australia Sports Dietitian walks you through everything you need to know about

Olympic Distance Race Nutrition


By the end of the course, you'll have developed your very own Olympic Distance Race Nutrition Plan! 



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Lisa Lightfoot

Lisa went through our program as she headed into Mooloolaba Triathlon on the Sunshine Coast. She smashed a PB and even managed 5th in her Category!

She was all smiles post-race and said she'll miss the Carb Loading the most 🤣 Well done Lisa!


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About Taryn

Taryn is not your regular Dietitian. She is an Advanced Sports Dietitian with over 12 years experience working with athletes from all walks of life. For you, this means you’re getting the most up-to-date, evidence-based advice from someone that knows their stuff. 

Triathlon is her jam!

For the past 6 years, she's been a consultant to Triathlon Australia, looking after our elite Australian Triathlon and ParaTriathlon team. Talk about dream job!

So when it comes to Triathlon Nutrition, there is no-one better qualified to help you kick your racing goals!

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Olympic Distance Race Nutrition

Everything you need to know to develop your very own Race Nutrition Plan!

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